The Baron`s Patent Boot-Boy

Designed to stamp out resistance underfoot and to put the boot in, this weapon gave Greenback quite a kick out of life.
There were some early developmental problems - for intance, the Baron and Stiletto visited no less than 728 Army Surplus Stores before they could find a sufficiently large pair of boots.
There was also a near fatal disaster when a lace broke during a trial run causing one boot to detach itslef so that the machine performed a 25 mile route march in a 17 foot circle.

Control Accomodation Module:
A perfect sphere is used to achieve the highest possible strength/weight ratio. Its parts were turned on an Eikmeyer Oval Hat Lathe.
All joints are made with a Jamison Crimping Machine and finished on a standard contracting beet grater.

Photo-Objective catode Ray Transmitter/Relayer:
provides forward vision.

Müller Biotronic Differential Elbow Joints: The prototype was fitted with these at the knees, witht he result that the device kicked itself in the antenna. Later versions were free of this problem.

For a while, the weapon threatened to extinguish the whole of civilisation - except the boot polish manufacturers.
However, with typical brilliance, Dangermouse realised the militaristic nature of the boots and rightly predicted that they would always obey orders.
Using the extending public address system on the Mark III he commanded the boots to march into the river where they sank without trace.

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