The Mark III car is a masterpiece of automouseic engineering. Watching it turn right-angle corners at high speed, it is clear that its road-holding is of superb quality. It is a very advanced vehicle with some useful features that were not built into the Mark I or II models.

High-Powered Suction Device:
This is built into the front bumper. It collects any broken glass or tin-tacks scattered on the road by enemy agents and blasts them out at 45° from the rear of the car.

Telescopically Extending Wings:
Stored in the sides of the car, they can be activated by the touch of a button on Dangermouse`s wrist-mounted controller.

Exhaust Duct Angle Control Unit:
Inter-connected with the wing-deployment mechanism. As the wings extend, the exhaust duct angle decreases first to the optimum for climb and then acts as a rudder for both right/left and up/down manoeuvres.

On-Board Videophone:
Enables the team to communicate directly with Colonel K at Headquarters.

See-Through Canopy:
3.73% of the airflow through the ducting system is diverted so as to provide a high-speed and impenetrable air-flow which exits from the rear of the bonnet and acts as a see-through canopy for driver and passenger.

Hydraulically Operated Suspension:
This has one or two unusual features - for instance, through a uniquely manoeuverable hinged and extensible ram the wheels can be placed in any place - enabling the car to be driven up walls, trees, across ceilings (or Sealinks) as well as down walls, trees and back across ceilings (or Sea Lynx)(but not cuff links).(How about golf links?)(Yes, they`d be O.K.)(Can no-one stop this stuff?)
What`s more, the ram extends to 120 foot thus allowing the driver to get a good view over the vehicles in front should there be a diplodocus jam. (Have you ever tasted diplodocus jam? It`s disgust...)(Don`t start that again~)(No - sorry!).

Extending Loud-Speaker Mechanism:
For addressing dangerous criminals who have been surrounded by Dangermouse, terrifying advancing enemy hordes with tapes of Colonel K playing the trombone or, in Penfold`s case, shouting for help.

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