Colonel K Examined...

K, Colonel (real name: Category Delta Plus).
Born: Probably
Place: Malaysia.
Father: Hon. Quentin Ascot Shoetree Knight-Knight Sleepwell, Bart.
Mother: Hon. Lady Amaryllis Hippeastrum Forfar-Fife.
Education: Two Scout badges (Sleeping and Macramé)
C.S.E. Plasticine work
B.A., M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., University of East Dukinfield.
Graduated: Plumpton Worswick Academy of Sheep-Spotting.
1934/35: Taught Chemistry, Old Dripping-on-Toast Grammar School, Gloucestershire. School burned down Spring 1935.
1935/36: Taught Physics, Swottencram Academy, Glen Sprocket, Aberdeenshire. Staff and pupils electrocuted March 1936.
1936/37: Taught Rugby, Brewing and Needlework, Plas Twryffparys Secondary School, Glamorganshire.
1937/39 Various independent activities of scientific nature: fiduciary interchange friction igniting devices; Waterloo Station.
1939: Enrolled in Intelligence Corps. Oct.
1946: Controller, Intelligence. Relieved of overall responsibility - as too many overalls came back half size and minus buttons.

Intelligence Memo on Colnel K.
Report on Agent K.

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