report from Agent H17/E/4938765/i/ECK

I have now spent 17 days in the Willesden stake-out. I shall be glad to get back to beans on toast again.

It is clear that Greenback is communicating with the underworld through an ingenious and coplicated code. He places messages in an ordinary domestic container outside the door of his HQ and theses are collected by a messenger in the early hours of each morning.

The trained goldfish provideed by control has failed to return from a retrieval mission across Willesden Green High Street. However, i succeeded in photographing three of theses secret messages by disguising myself as a garden path and after treatment for an attack of gravel, I dispatched these yesterday to Major CXkkp3N, Head of Ciphers.

Must finish. Suspect am being watched. Reason to believe that Greenbackis none other than..... aagh!

Cipher Document.



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