From: CXkkp3N
To: K.
Subject: Cifers, Ciphuz, Cyff, Codes

1. 3 Sat + 1 lge Cr. none Fri. Ta
This is straightforward stuff. the blighter has got hold of super-classified info about our missile strength! 3 SATURN inter-continentals and 1 large CRUISE MISSILE. He`s also latched on to our delivery difficulties with the new cataclysmic, laser-equipped sock-melting FRIGHT missile.
Had some difficulty over who TA might be but now sure it`s Tamariscifolia Azimuth, the defective Balkan agent.

2. 4 Wed
At first my chief aid, 33TWiTT linked this with the installation of Westmacott Exponential Dishwashers in the House of Commons Cafeteria.
The only thing that didn`t tie up was the `4`. Cut-backs have meant the H. of C. has only 3 WEDS.
Then it dawned - it`s an instruction to waiting troops, poised to attack. For `4 WED` read `FORWARD`. Simple.
Only problem is where are they and who are they going to attack?

3. No Milk Today, Three Pints Tommorrow
This, key evidence, is quite different - and written in a diffeent hand. By analysing the paper, the fingerprints on the paper, the ink and the encoded messge, I have been able to crack the real identity of Silas Greenback.
It is so astounding that I have told no-one until now. greenback is none other than........ hang on, someone at the door.
"Yes? Ah, come for the milk money, have you? Just a moment while I get my....... aaaagh!!"



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