Frog Head Flyer

An example of Greenback`s egotism, the FHF closely resembles its owner int he upper surfaces - though the pedal extremities are somewhat idiosyncratic. (Or, to use Penfold`s words, "it`s got funny feet!")
The feet are used to provide a high lift-off speed and a low-velocity touch-down. they also have buitl in buoyancy - though the proving trials mostely proved that this was a disadvantage.

The three-man (well, two-man and a caterpillar)(well, one toad, one crow and a caterpillar, actually) crew were only saved when Greenback persuaded Stiletto to drink the contents of the Lower Bumbling village pond which had been chosen as the test site.

Stiletto is also responsible for providing the motive power which comes from a large radial fan providing downward thrust to propel the FHF upwards.
the fan, in turn, is pwered by the uncoiling of a powerful elastic band (catapult rubber, Grade I) pre-wound by a specially adapted bicyle.
On one occasion the ratchet mechanism slipped during the winding operation and, apart from demolishing a three-foot thick granite wall, Stiletto achieved a new world cycle record by covering 1.5 miles in 55 seconds from a standing start.

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