Report on Investigation into Agent K`s possession of unauthorised supplies - namely one portion of chips - with criminal intent.

Agent K was taken to HQ - via Banbury Cross, Waltham Cross and King`s Cross - so he could be cross-examined.

Over three days of intensive questioning he resoutely denied that the portion of chips in his possession - bought from a fried food establishmeny in Aldershot - was intended to accompany the grilled goldfish obtained from the blazing home of Lt. Col. Douglas Lee-Enfield Twentie-Mill Howitzer.

Even when given the Chineses Burn, threatened with School Dinners and the confiscation of his prize conker he refused to change his story and denied that he ever planned to eat the said goldfish.

I am therefore convinced of his innocence and recommend early release.

S.P. ff-ff. WK
Deputy Head Intelligence Corps

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