Nero Mug Shot

Instar Emperor Nero the Second of Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

Author of the best-selling guide to an insect-dominated society: "The Pest Decides".

Nero comes from a long line of Champion Caterpillar at Tufts.
The species, CREEPIO NASTISSIMUS, is noted for its evil itelligence, its loyalty to criminal geniuses and its cunninh attempts to overthrow all that is good.
At an early age Nero sold his own moth-er to a butterfly farm.
In 1979 a top level enquiry was launched into the mysterious disappearence of valuable roses from Colonel K`s garden in Chorleywood. All the evidence pointed to the rosenap being the job of an eight-man gang.Nero Print
Traces of white hair and mysterious semi-circular bite marks on the leave made Nero a prime suspect. the eight separate sets of footprints, however, clearly eliminated him from the enquires (since Nero presumably doesn`t have any feet).
It was not until early 1981 that D.M. was able to penetrate Greenback`s hideout by ingeniously allowing himself to be frozen into a block of blackcurrant-flavoured ice.
It was when Nero opened the door of the fridge to have a quick lick that D.M. was able to solve the mystery.
Twenty-four hours later D.M. was explaining to Colonel K.
"N-N-Nero, sir! Th-th-that`s why we n-never kn-kn-kn-knew he had s-s-s-sixteen feet! He w-w-w-wears eight p-p-pairs of m-m-m-moon boots - w-w-white furry..."

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