(Wilbraham Keith Benedict).

Only son of Arthur Wigglesworth Penfold and Bronwen Merionedd Ysptty Ystwyth Penfold (née O'Herlihy).
Place of birth: Osbaldestone Bottoms, Lancashire.
Moved to Plumstead, S.E. London, when 7 months old.

One of a long line of family of HAMSTERUS COWARDISSIMUS TERRIFICATUS - recognisable by the broad yellow strip down the centre of the back.

Distantly related to the Dutch hamster who reported a burst dam when his garden spade hit a water pipe. This caused a panic evacuaction of the city - traffic ground to a total standstill causing the original hamster jam.

Educated at short notice and Whipsnade. Always of nervous disposition, took correspondence course in `How to Overcome Fear' but failed to complete because too scared to go out and post papers.

Statement by Dangermouse.
Memo to Colonel K.

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