Nasaccio Mafiosa Cornetto - to give him his real name - was born in the little walled Italian town of Semolina di Budino.
"Rigoletto!" exclaimed his mother as the midwife pressed him into her arms, "but he is - a beautiful! Look Juan!" (His father was the famous Italian lawyer `Just` Juan Cornetto.) "Look! He has the handsome black feathers of a crow and the mouth of a jackdaw!"
"O.K!" siad Papa. "If you say so!" And taking the infant, he hurled him into the garden.
"Osso bucco!" screamed Mrs. C. "I said the `freathers of a crow and the mouth of a jackdaw` - not `throw him out of the back door!` "
Meanwhile, as the infant Stiletto was lying howling amoung the spaghetti bushes, a pair of wolves called Ron Millar and Remould passed by and lobbed the cheeping infant back into the house by way of the letter box.
It was then that Stiletto decided to devote his days to the devious double dealing and dispgrace of a desperado.
Soon after these events, he was spotted by one of Greenback`s scouts as he tole babies` rattles in the Piazza di San Marco and recruited into his organisation.
Greenback realised, as soon as Nasaccio signed on the bent dotted line, that he had a right-hand man worthy of his evil.
He was, as the Baron said, "One of the sharpest little heels the world has ever seen - we shall call him Stiletto!"

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