Big Tom

Big Tom is the product of an evil genius, obsessed with anti-,ouse visions, and is the very latest in robotics. with its six heavily armed arms, it is equipped to nip, snip or flip: to bach, crash and squash; to slice, dice and mangle any mouse its computerised video/olfactory detectors detect.

2.5 Ton Pincers:
These can just as easily restrain D.M. by the end of his nose as they can crush the Mark III to the size of a tin of sardines. (Note that should it be required to do both these operations at once, there is a matching pincer on the upper right arm.)

Electro-Magnetic Fist:
This can be set in either of two modes: (a) to attract any metal elements - such as the Mark III car or the adjusters on Penfold`s braces (b) to repel any metal constructed weapons, missiles or other devices.

Giant Pastry Wheel:
Edges and points are sharpened to 9.7 on the Pynch-Chopham scale. In its fixed position it can either jab or slice - but it can also revolce at up tp 250 r.p.m.

Modified Spherical Headache Pill:
Drop-forged out of 18/80 stainless steel, the surface of the sphere is furnished with hollow hemispheres which are filled with deadly curare poison.
In this way, a 525m.p.h. blow on the head from the 2.5 hundred-weight sphere is almost always fatal.

Variable Angle Weight-Reducer:
Ultra-sharp, it will slice a single mouse-hair in two should a gentle draught waft it against its edge.
Especially usefull in discouraging law-enforcement officers from asking awkward questions.

Hot-Lips Oral Flame-Thrower:
A high-pressure oxy-catty gas flame is projected through a ceramic noxxel when the mechanical jaws are in the `open`mode at temperature in excess of 1800°C.
In the end the Hot-Lips oral Flame-Thrower turned out to be the downfall of Big Tom.
The flame-thrower`s direction was controlled manually by Stiletto Mafiosa. Dangermouse fans will recall that he was attempting to produce barbecued D.M., as our hero leapt to and fro on the upper portion of Big Tom`s body, while the pincers aimed to grab him.
D.M.`s reactions, however, were so fast that the pincers clsed on the flame-thrower, botteling upt he hight temperature gases and causing the total destruction of yet another evil device.

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