biographical details:

Educated in England at Cheltenham and Cambridge. Academic grade AA. Both her brothers were killed in a re-entry collision in 2012. Her father was an eminent European scientist who died in 2013. Mary studied astro-physics at Havard, and was co-opted onto the UNIPC Research Council in 2015. Commenced civilian pilot training in 2006 and became a noted stunt pilot and free-fall parachutist. Terrahawk security rating downgraded to ZY due to Mary's mother, Grace Falconer, being regarded as a possible hostage risk.

military record:

Military proficiency 2015. SME (Space Mission Experience) on UNIPC Research and Strategic Defence Missions 2016 to 2018. Selected for TERRAHAWKS Strategic Planning Assignment 2018.

character and temperament:

Has a powerful intellect combined with a fearless daredevil streak. Mary has a charming and persuasive nature. A born diplomay and a excellent public speaker, she had natural leadership qualities. Calm and collected in an emergency situation, she will not suffer fools. and expects the highest standards of achievement from all who work with her. Highly instinctive. she often displays a sort of 'sixth sense' of impending danger. mary is very protective towards the Zeroids and very much respects their feelings and their claim to have certain human qualities.

personal interests:

astrology, classical music, bridge, flying and needlepoint

subject: Mary Falconer

rank: captain
genetic type: female human
date of origin: 23rd July 1991
place of origin: London, England
security rating: ZY
height: 5' 7"
weight: 131 lbs
hair: blonde
blood: code 2
next of kin: mother

Mary Falconer