biographical details:

Born Katherine Westley in Martinique, Kate was educated and grew up in Canada. Granddaughter of a famous pianist and jazz singer, Kate quickly developed her love of music, and was a competent keyboard player and composer at eh age of 14. After her mother's death in 2005 Kate's career was influenced by her father, who was CIC NASA Moon Base 2001 - 2006. Before taking ip his present duties as CIC HQ UNIPC Commander John Westly was first officer on the Mars Landing Mission 2009

military record:

Joined NaSA Medical Centre in 2011. Medical Officer on Search and Rescue Missions. Pilot Training. Volenteer test pilot for STATASPHERON Orbital Attack Craft. Flew six successful ZZ duty tours. Extensive SME (SPace Mission Experience) during first alien attack (2017). Secondeed to TERRAHAWKS as HAWKWING pilot in 2018.

character and temperament:

Kate is an extrovert. Vouble and happy-go-lucky, she makes friends easily and is a loyal and stable personality. She revels in practical jokes and this has involved her in disciplinary action on more than one occasion. She has proved to be courageous and selfless in the face of danger. creative and quick thinking, she demands a high standard of personal achievement and has an ideal 'team' temperament.

personal interests:

music, singing, chess, medicine.

subject: Kate Kestrel

rank: captain
genetic type: female human
date of origin: 1st April 1995
place of origin: Martinique, Windward Isles
security rating: ZZ
height: 5' 4"
weight: 115 lbs
hair: various
blood: code 2
next of kin: father