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It is the Earth year 2020.

Alien spaceships approach the planet Mars.

The NASA Expedition HQ is spectactualarly destroyed.

Androids have jouneyed from the planet Guk, in the galaxy of Alpha Centauri. Their witch-like commander, Zelda, sets up her base on Mars and lays plans for the invasion of Earth... and the destruction of the human race.

Alerted by the first Alien Attack in 2017, the UN high Command appoiunt Doctor 'Tiger' Ninestein to devise and establish an elite international fighting force to defend the world against the unknown aggressors.

This small, dedicated team is called TERRAHAWKS, and comprises : Doctor 'Tiger' Ninestein, captain mary Falconer, captain Kate Kestrel, Lieutenant Hiro, Lieutenant hawkeye, Sergant Major Zero, Space Sergant 101 and... the Zeroids.

From their secret base somewhere in South America they develop their sophisticated weaponry and prepare for the battles to come.

Can TERRAHAWKS defeat Zelda and save the Earth from destruction?

Ruled Line Graphic
Ruled Line Graphic