service reports:
The sole surviving example of prototype Zeroid. No reported functional weaknesses. Observations indicate that logic circuits are subject to external manipulation under varying degrees of environmental stress. All three previous batch stereotypes were destroyed on a Search and Rescue mission, the success of which was due to their unaccountable and ungrogrammed 'heroics'. A very sophisticated design.

military evaluation:
Insufficient data.

special characteristics:
The power nucleus of this Zeroid is a unique Iranium crystal from the planet Jupiter. hiro, who designed and built the prototypes, believes that this power source had introduced 'emotions' normally associated only with humanoid life forms, and Sergant Major Zero constantly confirms his agreement with this diagnosis. He desperately wants to be human, and likes to make 'decicions' which infuriates Doctor Ninestein, and tends to provoke sympathy from Mary.

subject: Zero

rank: sergant major
genetic type: Zeroid (type AA)
date of origin: October 2018 (batch 873/TH)
place of origin: made in Japan
security rating: ZZ, subject to test
weight: 100 tons
data bank: 180 K
power source: Iranium
re-order numer: 8851996